Monday, July 21, 2008

Check in Sunday July 13, 2008

Notes to self for next conference: Don't try to take contents of home office, especially not the hard copies of all research data, a crate and three bags of paperwork is way too much, especially when you don't take a look at more than one binder.
No need to bring coffee maker, java at the Commons is better than ever. Do bring the coil to heat water for cup a tea in the a.m. plus your favorite mug of course. Pack fleece vest and or jacket + long sleeved shirts, a hoody or a hat and black jeans
(what were you thinking bringing only tank tops shorts and summer dresses?).

Bring ear plugs, or at least some cotton balls, to keep northern wind from making Eustachian tube sing a tune of despair (also good for keeping your neighbor's a.m. phone conversations out of your personal space). Remember the knees! Don't get a room on the second floor of the dorm. And request a room away from the bathroom.

If you get an outdated mattress, ask for a newer one (I saw a couple of guys exchanging a neighbor's oldy). Pack some coat hangers. And don't forget the 'wetties'. The rooms DO have locks, just because you got a room without a lock in the overflow dorm the first time you came to the PTWC in 1995 doesn't mean there are no locks, when are you going to remember that? If you really have to change bags three times a day, keep pens in every single one of them. Bring the download cords for camera and other gadgets and don't forget the battery charger. Think to bring sunscreen and bug repellent (the latter for readings in the evening at the Memory Vault).

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